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Here's 5 Tips for the summer season.

Updated: Nov 4

The best things YOU can do for your unit this season.

Number 1:

Maintenance service. They will be your best friend and here at Marathon we encourage at minimum 2 maintenances per year. One maintenance done before the heat and another done before the cold season. It's the best way to ensure your unit is working harmoniously.

Number 2:

Replacing filters is a good habit. This tip ultimately depends on usage of the system the more you use it, th

e more you'll have to replace filters.

Number 3:

Remove any obstruction around your unit, condenser and vents. This will allow the system to breath and prevent from icing up.

Number 4:

Set thermostat to 78° to 80° F when away from home to maintain cool temperature without using excesses energy.

Number 5:

Cool your home early in the day and maintain 73° to 78° F when at home throughout the day.

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