HVAC Promotions In Culver City, CA & The Greater Los Angeles Area

The Comfortably CA Rebate Is Back For 2023!

What Has Changed?

  • Eligible zip codes for the Heat Pump Fuel Substitution program have returned to the full list of eligible zip codes. They will no longer exclude overlapping zip codes. Please refer to the zipcode list or zip code checker found online (https://store.acpro.com/rebate).
  • System requirements for SEER2 have been updated. The attached flyer shows the current eligible product and new rebate amounts. Please refer to the attached flyer for more information.
  • New systems will be approved for eligibility in the next 1-2 weeks. AC Pro submitted our new A-Series 4SHP18 and 4SHP22 Heat Pumps for the program. Once these are approved we will send out a notification along with an updated flyer.

The same process to redeem the rebate applies, all Comfortably CA rebate orders should be placed online using the Rebate IDs listed on pg2 of the flyer. On the online checkout, once you fill out the form for the required end-user data the rebate discount will automatically apply to the online order. Please contact the e-commerce team at (800) 800-4121 for online assistance.

Promotion 3
10 off any repairs
15 off replacement installation