Here’s 5 Tips For The Cold Season

The Best Things You Can Do For Your Furnace This Season:

  1. Maintenance service. They will be your best friend and here at Marathon we encourage at minimum 2 maintenances per year. One maintenance done before the heat and another done before the cold season. It’s the best way to ensure your unit is working harmoniously.
  2. Have your furnace safety checked for carbon monoxide leaks. The key word is declutter. Ensure that nothing is blocking your vent pipe.
  3. Replacing filters is a good habit. This tip ultimately depends on usage of the system the more you use it, the more you’ll have to replace filters.
  4. Seal drafts on doors, garage doors, and windows.
  5. Check on that humidifier for water leaks, replace the humidifier pads. During the cold months you will need that humidity.

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